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Base commission 5.00%
Additional terms You will receive an email as soon as an order is placed and paid through your affiliate link. We have a return window of 30 days, so you will get paid out 60 days after your purchase. This is to ensure the e-bike isn't returned before you get paid. You can check your affiliate dashboard to see how many clicks and paid orders you've referred.

The Electric Spokes Company is NJ's is a personal electric vehicle retail store. We specialize primarily in cycling solutions including electric-assist bicycles, electric recumbent trikes, electric cargo vehicles, electric skateboards, electric scooters, and other electric assist vehicles for special needs. We also carry conventional bicycle, trikes, and a complete array of accessories from bicycle bags, to high-powered lights. 

The Electric Spokes Company recently announced the launch of its franchise division called "Voltaire Cycles". The first Voltaire Cycles franchise will be opening in Denville New Jersey in November 2017. If you are interested in learning more about franchise opportunities, please visit our franchise page here. 

About Us

 Browse our online store or visit us in person at our retail location at 400 Bloomfield Avenue in Verona New Jersey. Our range of rides is wide, from traditional bikes, to recumbent trikes, to e-bikes, e-scooters, and lately, BOOSTED Electric Skateboards. Today's bicycle frames still bear the same geometry as those of a century ago. But their improvements in components and materials has made them lighter, faster, and under the right legs, incredibly nimble. We scour the archives for frame styles that have long been forgotten only to find hidden treasures waiting to be discovered again. We are not your typical bike shop.